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Why should a company have D&O insurance?

Directors' and officers' insurance (or D&O for short) is often described as a "must have" cover for directors of RMCs and RTM companies. Paul Robertson has kindly allowed this extract of his book, Robertson’s Insurance Principles for Leasehold Flats, to be reproduced which explains this essential cover. The need [...]

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The life of a residents’ management company director

Lessee owned and controlled companies are common, and include: residents' management companies enshrined in tripartite leases (where each lessee is a member); right to manage companies who have acquired the right to manage in accordance with the provisions of the Commonhold and Leasehold Reform Act 2002; and enfranchisement vehicles [...]

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RTM companies and service charge demands

There are various restrictions (both contractual and statutory) on the recovery of service charges. One of the statutory restrictions is that a demand for service charges must comply with sections 47 and 48 of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1987.  This means demands for service charges must include the name [...]

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I own the freehold of my house, why do I need to pay an estate rent charge?

Rent charges are quirky.  Because of this, the way in which they operate is often misunderstood. Service charges, maintenance charges, amenity charges, and various other terms are generally used to describe an estate rent charge. Essentially, an estate rent charge is the mechanism by which a freeholder contributes towards [...]

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RTM: management after the acquisition date

Acquiring the right to manage is just the start for an RTM company. From the acquisition date onwards, the RTM company will assume responsibility for carrying out the "management functions". Management functions are functions with regards to services repairs maintenance improvements insurance Essentially, from the acquisition date onwards, the [...]

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Does defective cladding render a flat “unsuitable for use as a dwelling” for SDLT purposes?

The tax chamber of the First-Tier Tribunal grappled with this question as to whether defective cladding on a block of flats renders a flat “unsuitable for use as a dwelling” for SDLT purposes.   The statutory position Section 42 of the Finance Act 2003 provides for a charge to tax [...]

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