What employers need to know about the Queen Elizabeth II Funeral Bank Holiday

2022 will be remembered for many things: one of which is the number of extra bank holidays we have seen over the year.  Generally, the UK does not figure very highly on the world league table of bank holidays.  The normal 8 bank holidays we see in England and Wales,  [...]

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Section 20: Are the consultation requirements “woolly”?

Section 20 of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985 imposes a limit on the service charges that can be demanded from lessees in respect of “qualifying works” unless the landlord undertakes a consultation process, or obtains dispensation from consultation. The Service Charges (Consultation Requirements) (England) Regulations 2003 set out the [...]

RTM: who manages the shared services on an estate?

Since its introduction by the Commonhold and Leasehold Reform Act 2002, many leaseholders have acquired the right to manage their block.  By acquiring the right to manage, leaseholders get the right to perform the "management functions" in place either of the landlord or any other person upon whom management [...]

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Tribunal determination of service charge payable: declaratory only and unenforceable in the County Court

Under Section 27A of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985, the tribunal hold jurisdiction to determine whether a service charge is payable and, if it is, as to: The person by whom it is payable. The person to whom it is payable. The amount which is payable. The date [...]

Data Security Breach: ICO fines Cabinet Office £500,000

The ICO has announced it has issued the Cabinet Office with a monetary penalty notice, and imposed a fine of £500,000 for failing to implement appropriate technical and organisational measures to keep personal data secure, in contravention of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Contravention by the Cabinet Office [...]

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Call for evidence on Leasehold Reform (Ground Rent) Bill

On 30th November, the House of Commons Public Bill Committee published an invitation to submit written views on the Leasehold Reform (Ground Rent) Bill. What's proposed by the Bill? The Bill proposes to restrict the ground rent chargeable on new long residential leases to one peppercorn per year.  There [...]

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Use of security cameras and video doorbell breached data protection law

It’s becoming increasingly common for the use of video doorbell and security cameras in residential properties.  Often, disputes arise out of the use of such devices. In Fairhurst v Woodard the county court was called upon to consider claims for harassment under the Protection for Harassment Act 1997, and [...]

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Installation of electric vehicles (EV) charging points: DfT response published

On 22 November 2021, the Department for Transport (DfT) published the government response to its July 2019 consultation and confirmed it would introduce new requirements for installing electric vehicle (EV) charge points in new buildings in England. Proposed regulations The government will lay implementing regulations in 2021, which will require: [...]

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RTM: failure to serve notice of withdrawn on qualifying tenants

The acquisition of the right to manage by an RTM company is process driven.  The process starts with a notice inviting participation which is given by the RTM company to all qualifying tenants (who aren't already members of the RTM company). After the notice inviting participation, the next step [...]

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