Duval: granting permission for alterations and other works

In May, the Supreme Court handed down its long awaited decision in Duval v 11-13 Randolph Crescent Limited [2020] UKSC 18. The appeal, which was heard back on 10 October 2019, concerns whether or not a landlord is entitled to grant a licence to a lessee to carry out works [...]

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Access covenants: when are they breached?

Residential leases contain rafts of covenants lessees are obliged to adhere to. Although the wording might differ from one lease to the next, *most* leases contain a covenant that requires a lessee to permit the landlord (or management company) to enter their flat for certain purposes. Where a landlord seeks access, [...]

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Pets in flats: when is it (un)reasonable to withhold consent?

Leases contain rafts of obligations which regulate how a lessee behaves in and uses their flat. One issue that is often the subject of regulation by a lease is the keeping of pets.  Some leases prohibit the keeping of any pet in a flat, whereas other leases allow pets to [...]

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When is an alterations covenant breached?

Where a lease contains a qualified covenant requiring a landlord to consent to any alterations, in what circumstances is that covenant breached? Leases contain rafts of covenants which restrict and sometimes prohibit a lessee from doing certain acts and things.  A lease covenant might prohibit a certain act (an absolute [...]

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