On 13th May 2021, Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick launched the Commonhold Council.  The Commonhold Council will be chaired by Building Safety Minister, Lord Greenhalgh, and is an advisory panel of leasehold groups and industry experts who will inform the government on the implementation of a reformed commonhold regime.

Terms of reference

The principal aim of the Commonhold Council will be to advise the government on the  implementation of a reformed commonhold regime, and to bring forward solutions to prepare homeowners and the market for the widespread take up of commonhold for new supply of flats. 

In particular, the Council will advise on:

  1. Implementing the government’s vision for the widespread take up of commonhold
  2. Identifying the necessary steps to prepare the market and to deliver supporting market infrastructure
  3. Supporting consumers to understand their needs and raise awareness to promote commonhold, and to develop the tools, rules and capacity to enable greater homeowner led management
  4. Ensuring commonhold can provide a workable alternative to leasehold in as many settings as possible.