The Law Society has updated its residential property enquiries forms LPE1, LPE2 and FME1.

The revised forms are available to download from The Law Society’s website. From now, until 11 January 2022, conveyancers can use either the previous versions or the new versions of the forms. The old versions will be unavailable from 11 January 2022.

What’s new?

Form LPE1 (leasehold property enquiries) is used for collecting information held by landlords and managing agents. The third version of the LPE1 form contains additional enquiries, including whether:

  • there are restrictions on parking or on keeping pets
  • a fire risk assessment of the common parts or an external fire wall assessment has been carried out
  • urgent or essential works are needed following a fire safety assessment

Form LPE2 (buyer’s leasehold information summary) takes information from LPE1 to summarise the key financial responsibilities being taken on by the buyer.

The third version of the LPE2 form includes a field for setting out the cost for any certificate of compliance listed in section 8.11 of LPE1 and alerts buyers of properties on newly built developments that maintenance costs may increase substantially once the developer is no longer involved in maintaining the managed areas.

Form FME1 (freehold management enquiries) is used when acting for a buyer of a freehold that shares services with other houses. The second version of the FME1 contains additional questions, including enquiries on who deals with any deed of covenant, contributions to the service charge and access to insurance information.

Unique property reference number (URPN)

All three forms now have extra fields for the unique property reference number (UPRN) and for noting whether the landlord and managing agents will accept service of notice by email and receive payments via the banking system.