Apportionment of service charges

A well drafted lease will set out how service charges are to be apportioned between lessees.  Apportionment can take a wide variety of forms, ranging from an equitable split between lessees, to a stated percentage or alternatively based on what a landlord (or management company) considers just and equitable. Some leases [...]

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Does service charge legislation apply to student blocks?

Residential leaseholders are provided with certain protections in relation to service charge because of the provisions set down by sections 18 to 30 of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985. “Service charge” means “an amount payable by a tenant of a dwelling as part of or in addition to the [...]

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Phillips v Francis: common sense restored

The decision of the Chancellor of the High Court in Phillips v Francis left the property management world rather shell shocked. Prior to Phillips v Francis the leading authority on qualifying works was Martin v Maryland Estates [1999] 2 EGLR 53.  In that case, the Court of Appeal held that, [...]

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